What Luther has in common with murder

A 32 year old man executes more than 90 young people on an island in Norway. He says he isn’t sorry. It was something he just had to do. After all, these youngsters had socialist sympathies and a heart for immigrants. The world, according to this cool killer, needs a shock. It needs to wake up. Enough tolerance! Enough empathy for the left, Muslims and all the other trash that invades pure Scandinavia and Europe in general. The man is convinced that we need a revolution to stop all the above. He looks totally normal, even handsome, and he has been brought up in a Christian country. This was the real shock, if you ask me.  Buf when I saw the images of the mass celebrated in Oslo in comemmoration of the dead, last Sunday on TV, I understood what kind of Christianism: that of sober Lutheranism; no frills, white walls instead of baroque figures and coloured windows. Here is the home of Justice and the life of good men and women who pray and live in discipline and die. No place for fantasy. Not an atmosphere for nuances, but a world of clear, straight lines. Like in Sweden, Denmark, Northern Germany, Switzerland, big parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. It is in these Protestant countries where the neo conservatives thrive, where men like Wilders are heroes. Too much empathy (for immigrants, homosexuals, prostitutes, jobless citizens) can obviously lead to irrational violence. Without guilt feeling in the case of the Norwegian drama. Too much discipline and control and polite acceptance (and guilt!) creates reckless (and well organized) human bombs. Poor Luther. He couldn’t have predicted this when he turned away from the Roman church.

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