When in Rome…

Many people seem to be worried about the impossibility to govern Italy after the final results of the elections became clear. No wonder. Italy, where one out of four voters chose Beppe Grillo, the clown who speaks the truth. Only 10 percent stood behind the first serious and efficient politician in many years of Italian chaotic politics, Mario Monti. Italy’s globally criticized business tycoon and womanizer Berlusconi almost came first. I mean, who is kidding whom here? These elections prove the total lack of respect for a political class that hasn’t stopped disappointing. Living in Rome these days must feel rather lonely: the pope is leaving, cardinals are mixed in sex scandals, homosexual rings dominate in the Vatican, a clown for Prime Minister, a right wing in power in the Senate, led by hot, hot Silvio, a Lega Nord that wishes to split from Italy out of shame and desillusion, a dream of an independent second kingdom of Naples & Sicily…Wow, it must be really hard to be Italian, European, optimist and realist these days. So what will happen? New elections? A coalition? With such a disappointed population one could even think of a modern dictator who restores order. Berlusconi, despite everything? The Argentinian model perhaps, where stupid populism and short term solutions are the trend, ruining the country even further. Not only Italy is in disarray, Brussels and the EU as a whole are shaking. The third European economy may behave like an experimental cabaret, it has a huge responsibility, which it can only fulfill with capable leaders. Where are the candidates? Why not outsource the whole government to a European technical cabinet until Italy has rebalanced itself? Europe can’t afford another country going down the drain.

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