Who needs a government? The Belgian example

Belgium proves that most governments are useless anyway. For more than a year the Belgian people have worked, learned, moved and enjoyed life without having an official government. Nothing changed (as usual in Belgium) and there was no panic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a spokesman who tells the (huge) rest of the world that Belgium has no opinion. There are no Belgianm troops involved in any international operation, so the Ministry of Defense can be as silent as ever. All other Ministries are sleeping and actually doing very well. If you say nothing you cannot make mistakes. Even the king, who could take advantage of this sitruation by becoming an authoritarian monarch, choses to disappear. Only the troubls with a rebellious prince reach the news while female tennis players and a few cyclists in the Tour de France remind us that Belgium really still exists. Not having a governement has many more advantages than having one.  A country becomes mellow and gigling, neutral and disengaged, authentic and, yes, proud. Money noit spent on government dreams can be spent on art and chocolate.

The Belgians are rather happy with the situation, for once united in a genuine love for a semi anarchistic society that proves that the vox populi can be reasonable and peaceful. Let Belgium stay the only country in the world without a government, if only to prove that politicians are just ordinary citizens disguised as fakirs for the occasion. There is nobody listening to the ambitions of small countries anyway.

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